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For Carriers
For Kickstands

Safe Ride

Support bar for kids with snap on function. Learn kids to ride the safe way.

U-extender Alloy

For Esge fixation. Available in 130, 160, 190, 220 mm. 

U-Extender steel

U-extender in stainless steel for Esge fixation. 

Classic Extenders

Classic steel extenders for fixation of carriers. Available in lengths: 100, 120, 140, 160,180,200,220,240



Adjustable Extenders

Adjustable extenders for TOUR & CITY carriers. Standard length: 230 mm. Available in 150, 190, 230, 260, 300 mm. Made of steel. 

F-FIX Extender

Adjustable universal extender for fixation to the fender.

32 mm adaptor

Made by steel. For center kickstands with 30 mm fixation --> 32 mm. 

Crank protection

Crank protection for Moove kickstands to avoid scratches on leg. Available as a spare part or pre mounted on Moove. 

Plastic foot for kickstands

Sparepart foot for Moove, Moove Double, Mooveable, CS3, CS4, Stylo, REX, DUX kickstand.

Moove foot is also available in length +10mm. 

NL Adaptor

Adaptor for 20 mm plate. M10x40 stainless bolt. 

STYLO -Spare part set

Leg set for Stylo kickstands.

Clamp Steel

Top clamp in steel for kickstand fixation. Incl M8x55 bolt + washer

Clamp Alloy

Top Clamp for kickstands. Diecasted Alloy. Available with M10 x 70, M10 x 60, M8x70. 

Bungee cord set

Bunge cord for permanent fixation on carriers or baskets.  Keeps the bag on place. Originally mounted on front carrier Cargo City. Available in black and orange.