Newrack 2.0 unpack.jpg 2020-09-10


...we are unpacking first examples of NEWRACK 2.0. A fantastic addition to our range of high quality bike products. First ordinary batches will be sent out within 2 weeks to our partners and during the coming weeks after that we will catch up with all back orders for this product that has been so long awaited.

Annie o Prio 4.jpg 2020-06-25

Annie & Prio

Got these great midsummer and spring pictures of Annie taking a ride with her dog Prio in a sunny Sweden. She use DUO basket complete with lid and infill. We hope you had some great days.


vägg_cykelmagneten.jpg 2020-05-06

Atranvelo wall

Check out new Atranvelo wall with a lot of AVS products at Cykelmagneten. The new waterproof ZAP double pannier and big top bag COOL are 2 of the new products to be seen there.




JoBag is such versatil and beatiful luggage holder. Not only you can re-style your AVS front rack with JoBag. The main thing is that you (and your kids) can safely bring your backpack to school. Just add the JoBag on your carrier and strap on the bag with the buckle. It can be used both on front and rear carrier.


BUCKLE.jpg 2020-03-08

Keep improving!

Never stop looking at the details, always look at the possibility to make products stronger, more beatiful or more functional etc. For example our steel baskets DAILY and BRING now all have a dedicated notch to add a buckle to secure your load. The buckle is available as accessorie in both black and brown.

BRING L.jpg 2020-03-06

Atranvelo presents new AVS basket serie BRING

New stylish and functional steelbasket BRING comes in 2 different sizes. Medium is a perfect shopping basket and large is classic school basket type. Both with close mesh in bottom to prevent small items to fall out. In stock now.

ZAP PLUS WP sidepannier green.jpg 2020-03-05


ZAP PLUS WP is our newest member of the Atranvelo bag family. It is a waterproof and durable everyday sidepannier with 2x25 liter loading capacity. Available in Nature green and Charcoal black. ...and yes, it has AVS


New Multifunctional basket - DUO

DUO is a spacious and stylish shopping basket with great loading capacity. Add the DUO Cover and your best friend can join your bicycle ride. An infill is included when you buy the lid.

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                                NOW IN STOCK!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Atranvelo wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to the next year together with You! This year we support UNICEF in their important work all over the world.

AAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg 2019-09-27


Mix & match and get the most out of your carrier. With the unique flexibility of AVS you can use a top bag or basket together with the sidepanniers. We call it Triple X. Here you see waterproof pannier TRAVEL in different combinations.

PARKO center.jpg 2019-09-20


A powerful kickstand based on proven technique with perfect stability. Suites well for both OE and AM use with good pricepoint. AtranVelo compound alu makes it a long lasting kickstand. Easy adjustment. Centermount. 285 gram. 24”-29”. Available in centermount and directmount: KSA 18 & KSA 40. For pricing and samples welcome to contact us.




Hartje messe3.jpg 2019-02-02

AtranVelo on Hartje XXL show

Atranvelo participated on Hartje show in Hoya in end of January. The booth was consistently packed with dealers looking at the latest Atranvelo news. Carriers, bags, baskets and other accessories with AVS together with new kickstand EDGE was presented by Roger and Ulf.

Hartje messe5 (2).jpg 2019-02-01

Atranvelo / AVS / new looxs

new looxs showed their fantastic bags on the Hartje show and here you see the new double panniers that now comes with AVS. Now AVS products are available with Contec, Spectra, Cortina and new looxs. And more news are to come...


Hartje messe.jpg (1) 2019-02-01

Bikes with AVS

Here are some of the bikes on Hartje show equipped with new Atranvelo carriers that have integrated AVS. More and more bikebrands do like Conway and Victoria and chose user friendly AVS to increase the loading possibilities for the bicycle.


stodbanner_1200x628_eng_c81fba178c0633be.jpg 2018-12-16

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Atranvelo wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2018 has been fantastic and we look forward to the next year together with You! This year we support UNICEF in their important work all over the world. Happy Holidays !


Taipei Show 2018

Atranvelo participated on Taipei show 2018. Thank you to all customers and colleagues that came by our booth and made the show great for us.


Taichung Bike Week 2018

Taichung Bike Week 2018 is getting closer. Atranvelo will as usual present the latest innovations in our booth at Splendor, 1349&1350. You are most welcome to come by and visit us and if you want to book a meeting, simply give us a call or send a mail.



Atranvelo at Red Dot Award Party

Atranvelo was represented by Ulf Pentéus and Krister Lindén at the Red Dot Award Party & Designers Night in Essen. A fantastic event and a great night we will keep in our memory. Atranvelo AVS carrier and basket will now be displayed at the Red Dot Museum in Essen for the coming year.



Eurobike 2018

The Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen was held in July this year. In the Atranvelo booth it was more people than any year before. Thanks everyone that showed up and visited us.


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