The history of bicycle parts manufacturing in Falkenberg


-23 January 1937 Company formed under the name Falkenbergs Sadelfabrik AB. Its founders consisted of: Director John Alfred Torstensson, Merchant Axel Ragnar Torstenson, Lawyer: Ingvar Skogh, all from Falkenberg. Engineer Ove Strömberg, Treasurer Carl Otto Ivan Strömberg and Eric Pedersen. Capital stock was 47 600 SEK.

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- 1940s. - The company changes its name to Ätranverken AB. Saddles are the main product. During Mr. Thorell management company grows. Utilities Division is headed by Paul Harms, who moved from Germany  and took over responsibility for development and maintenance.


1950 - The company is a subsidiary of Värnamo Gummifabrik, which in turn is owned by Monark. Saddle Manufacturing is still the main industry but also camping table, tent, light fixture, etc. are manufactured. 1955-56 the company built bigger premises since they at that time had become overcrowded.

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1960. The company gets a new director, Evald Bengtsson.

It has its own surface treatment, such as copper, nickel and chrom plating.

1970. Yet another extension in the form of three industrial buildings is done.Holmberg's business group with Dick Holmberg in the lead buys Ätranverken.

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1980 Sune Nilsson joins as CEO. The company has changed out the saddles for the benefit of luggage carriers as their main source. The company continued to grow and Segerströms AB was aquired. The newly built premises on Vinbergs Hed was ready in 1989 and the company moved in during that year.


Archival footage provided by the Municipal Archive in Falkenberg.


1992 Sune Nilsson and Alf Gustavsson buys Ätranverken. Two years later Sune is the sole owner and the production of luggage carriers reaches all time high, with levels of 1000 000 units per year.


1998 Expanda buy the company through its subsidiary RMAN, Johan Gladh appointed as CEO.

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2000 Ätranverken rename to Atran AB. At that time Atran have 3 divisions -bicycle parts, -shopping carts, -subcontracting. Atran register the trademark Atranvelo for the products addressed to the bicycle market.

2005 - The current owners decided to close Atran AB.

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2006 - Ulf Pentéus, Roger Pettersson and Krister Lindén, together with 30 years experience in the bicycle business formed a new company and bought the brand AtranVelo which also became the company name. Parts of the production moved back from Poland to Sweden and connection with new partners in was established. The focus move gradually from carriers as the main product, for the benefit of bicycle kickstands.


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2008 Atranvelo receives Eurobike Award for carrier Elite. Slim, sporty and easily mounted touring luggage rack for everyday use and long trips.
Despite the 2009 economic crisis in the world Atranvelo continue to grow. We are now a complete supplier of kickstands: Entry-level, mid and high-end kickstands, single or double kickstand, steel or aluminum. Center / Rear or frame-mounted versions are in the range. Also customer-specific versions are made in projects, such as Stylo SI, in collaboration with world leaders Cannondale.

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2010 new range of bike pumps are launched. A unique pump range of high quality. All pumps are made in Aluminium for best possible durability.In connection with this release new subgroups for all products are created: Adventure, Urban, Street, and Classic.





 2016 Atranvelo launch AtranVeloSystem, AVS. During early summer it is presented for a few chosen customers and at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen the system is officially launched. The feedback from customers were very positive and later on it was proved to be a success. 


In January 2018 Atranvelo moves into our newbuilt premises on Vinbergsvägen 4 in Falkenberg. With bigger space for both warehouse, testing and sales it gives the company possibilities to continue to expand. 


2018 Atranvelo receives a Red Dot Award for AVS. 

The AVS system is developed for attaching accessories to both front and rear carriers for bicycles. The signatures for the system is user friendliness and that it is intuitive. It is very easy for end customer to understand how it works and baskets and bags stays really firm on the carrier when riding. This is due to the excellent design and attention for details provided by Atranvelo and co-designer Semcon.. (