Our driving force and core mission has always been, and always will be, to help people use their bicycles more. Not only in the daily life of commuting, but also during the weekend trip or on a hike with the bikes. To enable and inspire more people to carry their package with them is a clear cut goal. We will continue to develop and create new solutions in a thoughtful manner and design products for long lasting experiences and use. We don’t chase short-term goals, follow trends or compromise on quality.

-Innovation in design & function



-Constant improvement

…These are our core values and they won’t change.

Our range is divided into: Carriers, Kickstands, AVS & Accessories. We design and manufacture ourselves and in close cooperation with our clients in order to provide a product that is as qualitative and functional as possible. This has been done for more 80 years in our home city Falkenberg in Sweden and since 2006 by current set up of Atranvelo. Looking back through the years, we have gained lots of valuable experience and know-how within our field. We are proud of our history, but we are always thinking and acting with a focus on the future.

Those who buy from us know that we deliver quality products. The relation price/quality/design is one of our main strengths. They know that we offer great flexibility in terms of customized products, order placement and delivery time.  Several of Europe's leading bicycle manufacturers have been our customers for many years and we have worked closely with them on the development of new products. Our Scandinavian heritage embracing safety, comfort and reliability leads us to make products that meet the highest demands.

With our new system for racks and accessories AVS we have entered new markets and the response is fantastic. As a proof of this success Atranvelo received a one of the world’s most renowned design prices, the RED DOT AWARD for AVS.  The international jury comprising independent design experts evaluated the works and used criteria such as the level of innovation, functionality, user friendliness and longevity for their assessment.

Together with you we hope to develop as a company and if you want to be a part of this and work with us, feel most welcome!

Move On with AtranVelo!

Ulf Penteus / Krister Linden / Roger Pettersson