About Us


Looking back through the years, we have gained lots of valuable experience and know-how within this field. We are proud of our history, but we are always thinking and acting with a focus on the future.

Our range is divided into the following groups: CARRIERS, KICKSTANDS AND ACCESSORIES. We design and manufacture these products ourselves and in close cooperation with our clients in order to provide a product that is as qualitative, functional and perfectly designed as possible. At Atranvelo we work with a clear-cut goal in mind - we just want cyclists all over the world easily and safely to carry their packages and park their bikes. This has been done over 50 years in Falkenberg and since 2006 Atranvelo owners: Ulf Pentéus, Krister Lindén and Roger Pettersson have continued this tradition. Home market for Atranvelo are Northen Europe but we sell our products to many countries in Asia and southern Europe aswell.  

What have we learned from it, and what can we offer our customers? Well, we have developed our vision of living up to the worn expression of "customer focus" with something real, with added value that pays off for the customers in various ways. 

Those who buy from us know that we deliver quality products. The relation price/quality/design is definitely one of our strengths. They know that we offer great flexibility in terms of order placement, delivery times, customized products etc. Many of Europe's leading bicycle manufacturers have been our customers for many years and we have worked closely with them on the development of new products. Our Scandinavian heritage embracing safety, comfort, reliability and material perfomance enables us to make products that meet the highest demands.

Today our whole range is available for manufacturers who integrate them into their OEM production. We can also offer our products to the after market (AM) and their customers. Our concept also lets the customer vary their own brands design and profiling. Atranvelo has much more to offer, including a range of accessories in attractive packaging designed for store exposure.  

We have created a LAB, our own research & development department where we carefully test and try out materials, function and durability.

Many of our products have also been tested by a third party. We are constantly conducting research with new materials and material combinations, with the aim of continually developing our products, taking them to new levels. All so that you won't have to look no further. 

Our strategy is to develop products with innovative design and functionality and by doing so we sympathetically follow the company's identity and essence. Before starting design on a new project we work closely with sales, quality and and together we make the outline. Often we work in customer project. Boiled down it's simply connecting to the voice of the customer. When all their attributes are found and understood we will dig into the details in design and functionality. We recreate the drawings using 3D- printing, SLA/SLS technique or milling out samples in alloy, create the models in custom-selected material from a prototype-shop depending on the models whereabouts. 

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